American Wildlife, llc 4610 S. Ulster St.  Ste150 Denver, CO 80237  

All American Wildlife, llc

Pest and wild animal removal
Environmental and habitat services
Animal damage prevention and repairs

303-840-7743 (South) 303-430-6515 (greater Metro)

Rodents:  rats, squirrels, mice, packrats, ground squirrels, porcupines, beaver, muskrat, pocket gophers, voles, more....
Other wildlife/pests:  skunks, raccoons, bats, pigeons, cliff swallows, barn swallows, woodpeckers, flickers, nuthatches,
and more.........

Since 1998
Colorado's Leader for removal, prevention and control of
nuisance animal pests and related issues.

303-840-7743 (South Metro) or 303-430-6515 (Greater Metro)
If you don't know wildlife, know Us!

See our additional pages for information on birds/wildlife/repairs/prevention
Thanks for visiting our site.    We're going into our 16th year, still building the business the old fashioned way;   one customer at a time.
We deal with most common pests and nuisance animal/wildlife issues as well as environmental and habitat concepts.    This isn't the place to look for marketing gimmicks or fluff to woo you into doing business with us.    Give us a call and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions and concerns. 
Our thanks in advance,   
   Joe Harkreader   owner/biologist.
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